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 ITIL Continual Service Improvement

ITIL Continual Service Improvement

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Continual Service Improvement focuses on how to improve existing processes to deliver enhanced services within an organisation. Specifically the processes and practice elements used, and the management capabilities needed to deliver quality Service Management practices.

Kimler Katılmalı?

CIOs, Architects, IT Consultants, IT Managers, IT Audit, IT Planners

Individuals who require a detailed understanding of ITIL CSI

IT and Business Assurances Professionals working in the CSI environment

Individuals seeking the ITIL Expert Certification in IT Service Management

Individuals seeking progress to the ITIL Master in IT Service Management

All IT Professionals wishing to progress through the qualification scheme

Eğitim Sonu Kazanımlarınız?

Understand the importance of Service Management as a practice concept

How CSI interacts with other Service Lifecycle processes

Understand CSI principles, policies, procedures, purpose and objective

How ITIL CSI contributes to achieving Service Improvement excellence

Understand new ITIL CSI processes and roles

How to undertake and measure ITIL CSI through governance and service measurement

Understand technology considerations surrounding ITIL CSI

Identify the challenges, success factors and risks with ITIL CSI

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